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Boxing Session

It's the fight for greater physical and mental strength


This 2-day course is for those who would like to become a Certified FFP BOX Coach and teach world-class boxing fitness sessions - All levels are welcome.


We will share with you what we have learnt over the past 25 years on

1. Best coaching principles to easy help clients progress

2. Technique execution so you lead by example

3. Program methodology, structure and set up for world class experiences

4. How to grow your client base and class numbers


Open to all with a passion to learn and succeed

Study the online program materials


- Muscle Anatomy

- Bones of the body

- Joints of the body

- Heart & Lungs

- Energy Systems

Cardiovascular System

- Heart rate training zones

- Basic Nutrition

- Calories

- Hydration

- Exercise Methodology

- Boxing Stance

- Boxing footwork

- Punches: Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut

- Boxing Defense

- Coaching structures

- Growing Client base


UAE REP's CPD = 14 Points


Includes Online Materials

In-person Fee - Varies per city

Duration - 2x 8 hours


Get FFP BOX programming access for the exclusive coaches price of $9.95USD per month.  Once you pass and meet the standards of a FFP BOX coach, your certificate will be added to your account on your FFP FITNESS app and you become eligible for the exclusive certified coaches rate.

Because of the low training cost and high demand for quality training, certified coaches are expected to get a return on course investment within 4 weeks.

Easy to follow

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Register today to start your online learning

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