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What does FFP stand for?

FFP stands for Find Fit People, which is the parent brand from which FFP Training comes from.. So FFP Training in long form = Find Fit People Training.  


The name Find Fit People was born from the belief and view point that we are all unique and we all have our own individual reason for wanting to be fit, for wanting to lose weight, or for wanting to hang out with active people.   


However, whatever your goal is, we all have the same desire to find and be around likeminded people that influence us to be better, that make us accountable, that help & support us to achieve our full potential each and every day.  


This is who we are, this is what we do, this is the life we share with millions around the world every single day.

After Workout

From The Founder

Kia Ora and welcome to the start of what promises to be an amazing journey as we grow together in this fitness community.

The development of the FFP Training system can be tracked back to the small New Zealand town of Opotiki, this is where I was introduced to the fitness world and taught (in absolute shocking fashion) my first group fitness class, a true lifetime memory.  But from this moment on I was hooked, and it seems the writing was on the wall so to speak, and since that day back in 1998 I have been blessed to travel the globe to learn from, teach with or share incredible experiences with thousands of other coaches, instructors, trainers, members, clients or everyday people the energy a fitness career offers.

It is because of these experiences and the people I have met along this journey that we now come together here today.  The opportunity to grow a fitness family like no other has seen before is extremely exciting and you are essential to this success, you are the difference between "just another workout" or "an extra-ordinary experience".

Another exciting point is that FFP Training systems are designed to help all personalities types achieve a particular outcome - Live a more ACTIVE lifestyle, PERFORM better in the sports arena, Take a RIDE on the open roads, BOX away mental and physical stress, CRUNCH away to a stronger midsection or FLOW through your day physically and mentally stress free.  The journey is just beginning and this family is only growing so keep an eye out for the new kids on the block.

The programs are just the base of what we will do together, my belief is that only when we work together will we be successful in our own way.  Know that the key is YOU, and along with our peers we make up the beating heart of this community with our passion, desire, energy, commitment, engagement and support for what we do... will allow us to create positive change in millions, it will allow us all to Help People Live Better.


I am excited and grateful that you have chosen to take the time to become a part of this journey and I very much look forward to creating incredible fitness experiences with you.



Kia Ora (Good health/Life)


Grant H. Goes

Grant Goes 2012 Dubai Fitness Championship winner
Grant Goes - BodyAttack.jpg
Grant Goes - Dubai Fitness Championships 1st Place
Grant Goes BodyAttack
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